Am I ready to Give the boat of my life to Jesus?

Gospel Thoughts

Ordinary Season : 22nd Week – Thursday

GOSPEL – Lk 5:1-11

First Reading – Col 1:9-14

Am I ready to Give the boat of my life to Jesus

1) Peter offered His boat to Jesus

The Gospel makes it very clear that, Jesus used the boat of Simon Peter, to Preach the Word of God

Since He there were many people who had come to listen to Jesus, Jesus wanted a stage from where He could preach the Word of God

So Jesus Used the boat of Simon as platform or as a stage to proclaim the Goodness. Something very nice and very creative from the part of Jesus

2) Simon was ready to offer His boat

It was Jesus who enters the boat and asks Simon to move the boat to a little distance from the shore.

When Jesus asked Him to do so, he was more than willing to do the needful. He moved the boat and allowed Jesus to use his boat as a platform to preach

Since Peter allowed Jesus to use his boat, Jesus could preach from the boat, which was very effective to catechise people

3) Peter Had cought nothing on that Day

Jesus uses the boat, which was used by Peter to catch the fish.

But unfortunately, he could catch nothing on that day. He might have felt helplessness with this boat. At certain moment Peter might have felt the uselessness of the Boat also

But what was unable to produce fruit in the hands of Peter, becomes a powerful instrument in the hand of Jesus

So when the so called boat and net which was unable to catch the fish become a powerful instrument in the hands of Jesus

4) Jesus uses the boat for multiple purpose

First of all Jesus used boat for preaching the Word of God

Secondly Jesus also uses the boat to perform a great miracle in front of the crowd

Thirdly boat becomes the instrument to reveal Jesus His divine identity

Fourthly boat becomes a instrument to call first disciples of Jesus and to begin His ministry on this earth

5) Am I ready to Give my boat of life?

At times we may think the boat of our life is useless, unholy, sinful, not productive, or can’t use any more by anyone

Peter also might have had the same opinion when he was unable to catch the fish on that day

But see the result of the boat when it is operated by Jesus. That is the difference

The only thing that we need to do is, offer willingly to Jesus for His mission Work

6) My life is Foundation for Jesus’ Work

Peter’s boat was a platform for Jesus to proclaim the goodnews

Today my life and your life works as a boat for Jesus for His mission work.

Am I ready to offer my boat of life to Jesus??


Think about it

God bless you and your family. Praying for you and your dear ones

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