Jesus’ Groundwork for the Mission

Gospel Thoughts

Ordinary Season : 29th Week – Monday

GOSPEL – Lk 10:1–9

First Reading – 2 Tm 4:10-17b

Jesus’ Groundwork for the Mission

1) He sends 72 disciples to prepare the people and place

In today’s Gospel we see that Jesus a pointing 72 of his disciples for a special purpose

He appoints them for the purpose of preparing for His mission

So He sends them in pairs to the towns a villages where He would later do His ministry

2) The Purpose of Sending the 72 disciples

First of all to prepare the people for the coming of the Lord

Secondly to show the nature of Jesus’ mission to His disciples. By doing this mission the disciples came to know the challenges and problems involved in doing the mission of the Lord

Thirdly the disciples could give the foretaste of Jesus’ mission by curing the sick and proclaing the message of peace

3) Jesus’ preparation of His mission

The whole episode gives us the impression that Jesus us preparing for His mission through the disciples.

The mission of these 72 disciples will give Him the clear idea of the challenges involved in mission and the strategy which needs to be implemented for the success of the mission

All these shows that how important the part of preparation is in any mission. In spite of the competency of Jesus in His mission, He still prepares well in advance about the ways of doing the mission

4) I am one among 72 disciples

In the episode there are 72 disciples. Today I am one among the 72 disciples. What is my response?

Will I be able to face the challenge of the Gospel?

Challenge of facing the wolves
Challenge of no money, no bag, no sandals, no greetings

Challenge of readiness to go without wasting time

Challenge of getting satisfied with what the people give, but no demands whatsoever

5) My preparedness for mission?

Am I ready for the mission of the Lord, in the present day context

Am I ready for the mission of the Lord, in the burning issue of conversion?

Have I prepared in any way for the mission,? Or still in the state of confusion?/

Preparedness will help a person to succeed in ones mission

Think about it

God bless you and your family. Praying for you and your dear ones

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