Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina (5th Sunday Ordinary Time)
Luke 5:1-11


The calling of the disciples to go into the deep. The call to trust in the Divine Word in the work of evangelization. The feeling of incapacity before the marvellous deeds of the Lord Jesus. The willingness to be converted.


The Story of the first miraculous catch of fishes. In this story we also hear the calling of the apostles to become fishers of men. The apostolic mission is to evangelize; to gather the people in the name of Jesus Christ. The act of fishing is very challenging. They need to go into the deep accompanied by the divine Word. The Divine Word guarantees their missionary faithfulness and pastoral fecundity.

To be apostles also means to accept our weaknesses and readiness to be converted (“depart from me for I am a sinner”). And the big challenge to empty ourselves (“they left everything to follow Jesus”)


May our weaknesses allow us to feel our nothingness so that we can be filled with God’s forgiveness and be ready to spread the Good News of God’s love; God’s desire to gather humanity.


God is calling us to go into the deep. Feel the calling of God inside us and meet the God of mercy in the depths of our hearts and souls and embrace His divine Mercy. Then we will be ready to be a Fishers of our fellow human beings.

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